Monday, 9 November 2015

November History Makers: Lest We Forget...

A big thank you to everyone who came to our History Makers session on Saturday 7th November. In spite of the horrible weather, lots of you ventured out to take part.

Field of poppies created out this month's History Makers session

Our theme for this month was Remembrance Day and the commemoration of World War I.
Much of the fighting that took place during World War I, happened in the fields of northern France and Flanders. By the end of the war these fields had been turned to wastelands by the fighting and very little would grow there. One of the only things to survive were bright red poppies. Very soon the battlefields of Europe, where so many people had fought and died, were transformed into beautiful poppy fields.

It is for this reason that the poppy became a symbol of remembrance. It was adopted by the British Royal Legion and has been used in their Poppy Appeal since the 1920s. Many people choose to wear a poppy in November to show that they remember the loss of life that occurs during big conflicts like World War I.

At our session, we showed our support for the Poppy Appeal. Many beautiful poppies were made by our crafters and our master builders and we collated them all into one huge poppy field. We also explored what it would have been like to live through World War I when we built Lego bunkers, tanks and trenches.

All of our efforts were to show that we remember those soldiers and people at home who lost their lives during World War I and all subsequent conflicts. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook to see more photographs from the session. These should be posted in the next few days...

‘History Makers’ Team

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