Friday, 27 February 2015

Some departing thoughts

As I leave Hull to take up a post at Durham University, I’ve been reviewing memories from my time in Hull over the past 11 years, on campus and at the History Centre.  It has been an eventful few years, but a few memories stand out:

Judy with Councillor Gemmell, Martin Taylor (Head of Hull
City Archives) and Richard Hesletine  (University Librarian)
- writing the first stage Heritage Lottery Fund bid in autumn 2005 (having probably spent more time than was wise over the summer following the cricket)
 - watching the rather balletic movements of the drillers, diggers and concrete pumps during the pile driving for the History Centre; and then numerous days walking round the site with the architects, in a hard hat and big boots, thinking ‘how did this happen to me - we are having a building built for us!’
- the challenge of co-ordinating the move of about 2500 shelves of material from campus to the History Centre, all in the right order
- the energising busy-ness of our first day opening at the History Centre in 2010 - with BBC Radio Humberside broadcasting from 6am and welcoming our first visitors and researchers at 9.30
- days spent discussing digital preservation with Simon, Chris, Richard and colleagues from the US- realising that we knew less at the end of the day than we did at the beginning
- a wonderful but poignant day with jazz playing in the background, boxing up the papers in Alan Plater's study in his house in London
- watching children run up to the Larkin Toad outside the History Centre, followed by their slightly weary parents.

But I think my most important memory is just how much I have enjoyed working every single day - even when it has been hard or challenging.  I have been very lucky and privileged to have played a part in the creation of the History Centre and to work with so many great colleagues.  I will take a lot of Hull’s spirit and creativity with me - and continue to let people know what a great place it is.

Best wishes
Judy Burg, University Archivist

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