Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hull Day

After the animal antics of last month’s History Makers, this month we have seal related fun of a different kind…

On 1 April 1299 King Edward I granted the people of Hull a charter to guarantee the rights of the citizens of the city. (You can find out more about the 1299 Charter on the History Centre website).

Here at the History Centre we keep that charter safe so that we remember the rights granted to the city over 700 years ago. 

Join us on Saturday 18th April 2015 as we discover more about the origins of our city and learn about seals and why Kings and Queens used them.

Seals in production - they take hours to dry which is why we've had to make them in advance!
We will be making our own charters to establish our own cities and guarantee the rights if its citizens. We will also be painting plaster models of real seals stored here at the History Centre. You can even design your own seal.

If it’s Lego fun you want, we will be creating our own seal designs and fighting kings for the rights we deserve as we build our own medieval Hull-scapes.

An added bonus this month…we will be introducing Henry Lego, our new History Makers comic strip where you get to decide the ending…

The fun starts at 9.30am and the event runs until 12.30pm so don’t miss out!

‘History Makers’ Team

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