Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Flying Fun at the History Centre

After such an eventful morning on the 4th July, we hope everyone enjoyed this month’s ‘History Makers’; ‘Flying high with Amy Johnson’; we certainly did! Being proud of our city’s history and people, we felt it was only right to celebrate one of the most influential female pilots of all time with everything from paper aeroplanes to Lego models.

The morning was filled with all manners of fun activities, one of the most popular being the paper aeroplane competition - many types of planes were created and thrown with all forms of creative designs. All credit to Josh for the winning plane, which itself nearly flew out the building; Amy Johnson herself would have been proud!

Another great part of the morning was the creative minds of all those making their own Lego models, with anything from planes to helicopters being designed. Without even needing instructions many children were able to create Lego masterpieces from the tops of their heads - a feat which impressed us all!

I particularly enjoyed the friendliness of all those involved, from children to staff, everyone was willing to help each other, and work together to make the event even more enjoyable. Also a huge thank you to all those involved with the event, and those who contributed.

The next History Makers event is on Saturday the 1st of August (9:30-12:30) ‘A very big house in the country’ in which we look forward to designing, planning and creating our very own dream houses out of Lego! We hope to see you there!

Eamonn West
History Centre Assistant (Work Experience)

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