Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Closure 2015

This closed week has been one of our busiest ever with our digital microfilm readers were serviced and the building was subject to a very through clean!

Just before we closed we took delivery of 1000 archive boxes and we have made a significant dent into these already! 

On the City side colleagues set-up a production line to sort and re-box nearly 500 large boxes of Building Regulations applications into 636 archival boxes and work is in-hand to give all of these boxes labels! The Building Regulations files which cover 1994-1999, will be made available to the public once indexes are complete in the new year. 

Before - in their old boxes

After - new boxes ready for labelling

Another major task that was completed was the moving of all of our official sporting programmes into one series. The programmes provide coverage for Hull RLFC, Hull Road Rangers, Hull City AFC, North Ferriby AFC, Hull Vikings, Humberside Seahawkes, and Hull Kingston Rovers. Whilst they are not complete runs they do provide an insight into the clubs’ history at given points in time. This required over 150 custom made boxes to be made to protect them. 

Work was also undertaken to sort, catalogue and re-box our Local Studies information section on Companies in the city which will make them more accessible.

On the University side work was taken to rationalise material. A few months ago we received a tip-off that there was a store room on campus with university publications. A team visit to the store and several hours later we had identified a large quantity of material that we wanted for the archives including university and departmental prospectus going back to the 1990s. 

This material was transferred to the History Centre and during closed week we were able to merge this material with our existing holdings. As a result we were able to fill many gaps in our holdings whilst at the same time throw away a large number of what we were now able to confirm were duplicate items.

We were also able to sort and put into order a large number of volumes of the university proceedings and work is in progress to add these to our on-line catalogue

Before - needing to be un-wrapped

After - neatly sorted

Hull History Centre team

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